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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization (WHO), compiles several databases on carcinogenic risk to humans, epidemiology and cancer control. IARC classifies chemicals and mixtures into four basic groups.  Group 1 consists of chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic to humans. Group 2A consists of chemicals that are probably carcinogenic to humans. Group 2B consists of chemicals that are possibly carcinogenic to humans. Group 3 consists of chemicals that are unclassifiable as to carcinogenicity in humans. Group 4 consists of chemicals that are probably not carcinogenic to humans. A database of all hazards evaluated to date by IARC may be found at  http://monographs.iarc.fr/


Toxicity of the immune system. It may take several forms: hypersensitivity (allergy and autoimmunity), immunodeficiency, and uncontrolled proliferation (leukemia and lymphoma).

In Vitro

Outside a living organism (e.g., in a test tube).

In Vivo

Occurring within a living organism.


Refers to measures of effects of simultaneous exposure to two or more substances. The four types of interactions are: additive, antagonistic, potentiation, or synergistic.


Local tissue reaction without involvement of an immunologic mechanism. It is a reversible inflammation.