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Relating to the skin.

Dermal Toxicity

Toxicity of the skin which can range from mild irritation to corrosivity, hypersensitivity, and skin cancer.


Inflammation of the skin typically marked by reddening, swelling, oozing, crusting or scaling.


The determination of quantity of a substance received that incorporates the size, frequency, and duration of doses (e.g., 10 mg every 8 hours for 5 days).


The amount of a substance received at one time. Dose is usually expressed as administered or absorbed dose (e.g., milligrams material/kilogram of body weight).

Dose-Response Assessment

The relation between dose levels and associated effects.


Department of Transportation. DOT

Discontinued Product

A brand is considered is considered to be "discontinued" when the product's manufacturer informs DeLima Associates that the specific brand has been discontinued. All discontinued brands are retained in this database.