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Manufacturer Information : Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Address: 50 East Hamilton Street , Chalfont , PA , 18914
Telephone: 215-822-8181, 800-847-0659(Toll Free)
Fax: 215-822-1906
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List of 54 Brands

Brand Name
6024_Image Aquarium Pharma Pond Care Algae Destroyer Liquid.jpg
Algae Destroyer Advanced liquid  
Algae Destroyer for Freshwater Aquariums tablet  
Algae Destroyer Liquid liquid  
6025_Image Aquarium Pharma Ammo-Carb Activated Carbon Ammonia-Removing Resin.jpg
Ammo-Carb Activated Carbon & Ammonia Removing Resin-12/22/2005 granules  
Ammo-Cat-12/27/2005 crystals  
6026_Image Aquarium Pharma Ammo-Chips Ammonia Removing Resin.jpg
Ammo-Chips Ammonia Removing Resin-12/22/2005 granules  
6033_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Bio Chem Zorb.jpg
Bio Chem. Zorb-01/04/2006 granules  
Doc Wellfishs Aquarium Salt crystals  
Fungus Cure Capsules/Powder capsules  
6034_Image Furan 2 Caps.jpg
Furan-2 Capsules-01/05/2006 capsules  
6031_Image General Cure.jpg
General Cure Capsules-01/05/2006 capsules  
General Cure Capsules/Powder liquid  
Goldfish Ammonia Remover liquid  
6029_Image Aquarium Salt.jpg
Goldfish Aquarium Salt-12/23/2005 crystals  
Goldfish Bio Clean liquid  
Goldfish Fungus Cure liquid  
6030_Image Fungus Cure Caps.jpg
Goldfish Fungus Cure Capsules-01/05/2006 capsules  
Goldfish Super Ick Cure-12/19/2005 liquid  
Goldfish Water Conditioner liquid  
6046_Image Liq Fungus cure.jpg
Liquid Fungus Cure-12/19/2005 liquid  
Liquid Super Ick Cure liquid  
6038_Image Nitra Zorb.jpg
Nitra-Zorb-01/04/2006 granules  
6036_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals pH Down.jpg
pH down-10/06/2005 liquid  
6037_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals pH Up.jpg
pH Up-09/30/2005 liquid  
6039_Image Phos Zorb.jpg
Phos-Zorb-01/04/2006 granules  
6027_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PondCare AlgaeFix.jpg
Pond Care AlgaeFix-10/14/2005 liquid  
6035_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PondCare MelaFix.jpg
Pond Care MelaFix-11/16/2005 liquid  
6040_Image Sparkling Clear.jpg
Sparkling Clear-08/20/2007 liquid  
6041_ImageAquarium Pharma Splendid Betta Complete Water Conditioner.jpg
Splendid Beta Complete Water Conditioner liquid  
6044_Image Aquarium Pharma Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner.jpg
Stress Coat Aquarium Water Conditioner-10/14/2005 liquid  
6042_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Zyme.jpg
Stress Zyme-10/14/2005 liquid  
6045_Image Super Ick Cure Caps.jpg
Super Ick Cure Capsules-01/05/2006-Old Product capsules  
Super Ick Cure Capsules/Powder capsules  
9461_01020054 Image Super Ick Powder.jpg
Super Ick Cure Powder-01/09/2006 powder  
6043_Image Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Conditioner.jpg
Tap Water Conditioner-12/27/2005 liquid  
AlgaeFix-Old Product liquid  
Ammo Carb Activated Carbon & Ammonia Removing Resin-Old Product granules  
Ammo Cat-Old Product crystals  
Ammo Chips Ammonia Removing Resin-Old Product powder  
Bio Chem Zorb-Old Product powder  
Furan 2 Capsules/Powder-Old Product capsules  
Goldfish Aquarium Salt-Old Product crystals  
Goldfish Super Ick Cure-Old Product liquid  
Liquid Fungus Cure-Old Product liquid  
Mela Fix-Old Product liquid  
Nitra Zorb-Old Product powder  
pH Down-Old Product liquid  
pH Up-Old Product liquid  
Phos Zorb-Old Product granules  
Sparkling Clear-Old Product liquid  
Splendid Betta Water Conditioner-Old Product liquid  
Stress Coat-Old Product liquid  
Stress Zyme-Old Product liquid  
Tap Water Conditioner-Old Product liquid