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Sorry! ECHA has not published any information for this chemical as of January 1, 2020.

Trade secret or proprietary formula

Primary Chemical Name :

Primary Chemical Name is the standard name assigned to a chemical substance.

Trade secret or proprietary formula
CAS Registry Number: 000000-02-1
EC Number:

Synonyms are alternative names that represent the same chemical substance.


The EC Number, formerly known as the EINECS number is a unique 7-digit number (format: xxx-xxx-x) assigned to chemicals registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


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List of 810 Brands that contain this chemical

Product Category
Commercial / Institutional

Basic Coatings Lock 'N Seal, Waterbased Wood Floor Sealer, B0661, Professional Use-02/09/2017

liquid 0.3-1.0
Birsch Green 20 Percent High Gloss Floor Finish, Professional Use-03/27/2008 liquid 40.0-50.0
CRC XT-2000 Precision Cleaner 02145, Aerosol, Professional Use-03/05/2012 aerosol 20.0-30.0

e.Logical Bathroom and Bowl Cleaner, Professional Use-02/25/2015

liquid 5.0-10.0

e.Logical e.COAT Zinc-Free Floor Finish, Professional Use-04/14/2015

liquid 30.0-60.0

e.Logical Glass Cleaner, Pump Spray, Professional Use-04/22/2015

pump spray 1.0-5.0

e.Logical GO2 Oxygenated Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Professional Use-02/26/2015

liquid 7.0-13.0

e.Logical Restore, Calcium and Lime Remover, Professional Use-04/22/2015

liquid 1.0-5.0

QuestSpecialty, Germ Away Foaming Germicidal Cleaner 2170, Aerosol, Professional Use-07/30/2019

aerosol --

Selectrocide 2L500 Disinfectant , Professional Use-04/15/2016

powder 55.0-85.0

Selectrocide 5G Disinfectant, Professional Use-12/15/2016

powder 55.0-85.0

Zep Wet-Look Floor Polish ZUWLFF128, Professional Use-05/24/2019

liquid --

CRC Contact Cleaner 2000 Precision Cleaner 02140, Aerosol-Professional Use-02/04/2014-Old Product

aerosol 80.0-90.0
Goof Off Pro Strength Graffiti Remover, Aerosol-09/11/2015-Old Product aerosol <3
Echo Red Armor Engine Oil liquid 10.0-30.0

Ferti-lome Weed-Out, With Crabgrass Killer-01/21/2015

liquid 0-10.0
Franmar EBC All Natural Exterior Surface Cleaner, Professional Use liquid --

HTH Super Green to Blue Shock System, (Flocculant), Part II-06/24/2015

powder 100.00
Cutter Triple Wick Citronella Candle-Old Product solid --
11200_01031006 Image HTH Clarifier.jpg
HTH Clarifier-Old Product liquid 1.0-6.0
11210_01031016 Image HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier.jpg
HTH Super Concentrated Clarifier-Old Product liquid 1.0-6.0
11212_01031018 Image HTH YellowRid.jpg
HTH YellowRid-Old Product powder --
Miracle-Gro Leaf Shine-Old Product liquid --
Quikrete Traffic Top Driveway Sealer No. 8803-Old Product liquid --
Roundup Brush Killer Concentrate-07/25/2002-Old Product liquid 73
Aleenes 2 in 1 Glue liquid --
Aleenes Clean Away liquid --
Aleenes Easy Flo Tacky Glue liquid --
Aleenes Easy Flow Tacky Glue 4 oz. liquid --
Aleenes Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid liquid --
Aleenes Flexible Stretchable Glue liquid --
Aleenes Fray No More! liquid --
Aleenes Funcraft Foam Glue liquid --
Aleenes Glitter and Gem Glue liquid --
Aleenes Instant Decoupage Glue Sealer & Finish liquid --
Aleenes Jewel It Embellishing Glue liquid --
Aleenes Liquid Fusible Web liquid --
Aleenes Memory Glue liquid --
Aleenes No Sew Fabric Glue liquid --
Aleenes Outdoor Paint viscous liquid --
Aleenes Paper Glaze liquid --
Aleenes Premium Coat Acrylics viscous liquid --
Aleenes Quick Dry Tacky Glue liquid --
Aleenes Reposition It Tacky Glue liquid --
Aleenes Reverse Collage Glue liquid --
Aleenes Spray Tacky Glue liquid --
Aleenes Stiffen Quik Fabric Stiffening Spray liquid --
Aleenes Stop Fraying liquid --
Aleenes Thick Designer Tacky Glue liquid --
Aleenes Twice as Tacky Glue liquid --
Anitas Fragile Crackle viscous liquid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Amethyst solid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Aquamarine solid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Crystal Clear solid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Emerald solid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Garnet solid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Rose Quartz solid --
Delta Moisturizing Glycerin Soap, Topaz solid --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Citrus Splash oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Cucumber Melon oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Fresh Rain oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Lavender Blossom oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Mango Mango oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Purely Pear oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Romantic Rose oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Sensual Sandalwood oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Sun-Ripened Raspberry oil --
Delta Soap Creations Fragrant Accents, Tangy Grapefruit oil --
Duco Plastic and Model Cement liquid --
Duco Stik-Tak solid --
Duncan Bisq Stain Opaque Acrylics viscous liquid --
Duncan Brush Cleaner liquid --
Duncan Brush On Sealers liquid --
Duncan Concepts liquid --
Duncan Courtyard Art Glazes liquid --
Duncan Covercoats Opaque Underglazes liquid --
Duncan Crackles liquid --
Duncan Crystals liquid --
Duncan Glitzy Sealer liquid --
Duncan Granite Stone viscous liquid --
Duncan High Fire Glazes liquid --
Duncan Liquid Pearls viscous liquid --
Duncan No Fire Snow liquid --
Duncan Prep Coat liquid --
Duncan Quik Crackle liquid --
Duncan Real Deal Glue liquid --
Duncan River Rock Glazes liquid --
Duncan Sandstars Textured Glazes liquid --
Duncan Satin Glazes liquid --
Duncan Sparklers Brush on Glitter viscous liquid --
Duncan Stonewashed Glazes liquid --
Duncan Thin n Shade liquid --
Duncan True Snow and Icicle Snow viscous liquid --
Duncan Tulip Fashion Blast liquid --
Duncan Tulip Sparkle Spray liquid --
Duncan Ultra Metallics viscous liquid --
Duncan Water Based Antiquing Gels liquid --
Envision Glazes liquid --
EZ Stroke Translucent Underglazes liquid --

Finish Line DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid-04/29/2015

liquid 50.0-70.0