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In case of poisoning, immediately contact your 24-Hour Poison Control Hotline at : 1-800-222-1222 in U.S.A.

First Aid Information For: AFM Safecoat Hard Seal 3101 Clear

From MSDS Inhalation: Remove from exposure. Provide plenty of fresh air. Splash (eyes): Flush immediately with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes, lifting upper and lower eyelids occasionally. Take to a physician for medical treatment. Splash (skin): Remove with soap and water. Remove contaminated clothing. Supply copious amounts of fresh water to the skin areas to rinse material away. Ingestion (Swallowing): Consult with physician, hospital emergency room, or poison control center immediately. Only if conscious, give 2 glasses of water to drink. Notes to Physician: Any treatment that might be required for overexposure should be directed at the control of symptoms and the clinical conditions.